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FR6/4/2018: Sivablood had been away from the internet for a while now because i (Andre Lavoipierre, the main creative force of Sivablood) have been working on a computer game to be released on Steam sometime later this year... it is based on the Aboriginal legends of the Northern Territory in Australia and will be a point and click adventure with some questing aspects. tentatively it is called "Aboriginal Decay" or "Aboriginal Destiny"... meanwhile the latest installment of my dream diary is available for you to read! See it here...

TU19/12/2017: Merry Xmas Sivablood fans! the new songs for the album 'Harp' are now available here on this site! Harp is an attempt to bring ambient synthesizer with vocals... it was recored on a Korg Kronos and Meteor Microphone with Audacity...

track 1: Garden

track 2: Dark Escape

track 3: Dungeon Bliss

track 4: Richness of Decay

track 5: Indian Dreams

SA21/10/2017: A brand new offering is available on sivablood.com now! check out this page for the latest esoteric music designed through psychology to help you in your life to achieve meditative calm and a strong willful force!

SU27/8/2017: Attention all Sivablood fans! Sivablood has just uploaded the latest mind development module called 'Dream Diary' on iTunes which contains 9 tracks of ambient synthesizer music together with an affirmation technique designed to help you with lucid dreaming and keeping a dream diary... buy this record and change your entire life! It should be available on www.amazon.com soon too...

SA5/8/2017: Sivablood's brand new release Goetia is now available for free listening and download! the spirits of the 72 Sumerian demons can be found here!

FR14/7/2017: Sivablood is now on Facebook and Twitter! go to Facebook and Twitter!

FR16/6/2017: A brand new Sivablood release now on iTunes, CDBaby and www.amazon.com! The title is "Genius Mind Development" and it features 22 songs written on a Korg Kronos workstation synthesizer and features mantra-like affirmations to subliminally enchant you to a higher level... also be prepared for some real Solomonic sorcery to appear hopefully mid-August for free as mp3s on www.sivablood.com. This is work in progress and contains some demonic chanting like the stuff below!

TU28/3/2017: very productive times now. expect two new releases on iTunes soon which are totally different to what Sivablood has been before. In the mean time here is some Sumerian mythos and demonology for you Sivablood fans... Demonic mix Marduk

WE1/2/2017: Sivablood's brand new exciting album Ivory Snow is now available right here for free! The songs were written on a combination of the Korg Kronos and the Casio XW-P1 and a Samson Meteor microphone USB mic with mixing done in the open source program Audacity. Strange dreams, astrology and reading went into it! Try out the tracks below!

track 1: rats in the maze

track 2: i smoked it

track 3: kronos mix a

track 4: kronos mix c

track 5: kronos mix d

track 6: ghost

track 7: key

track 8: door

track 9: slayer

track 10: wronggod

track 11: mountain

track 12: quest

track 13: show

SA7/1/2017: Sivablood is releasing a new album for free on this website in early February! it will feature some trance elements with a return to the Gothic Rock of Desert Rock... prepare yourselves. also look out for a new Sivablood album on iTunes (release is unconfirmed) and check out Marilyn Manson's new album Say10 on iTunes!

SA17/9/2016: here is another new Sivablood song featuring the Casio XW-P1 keyboard... O project (End of Everything)

SU11/9/2016: a new Sivablood song showing my new studio recording direction... N project (Nemesis Dreams). Enjoy!

SA6/8/2016: i am considering doing a music video for the song Garuda is Blind which is the first track of my very first record 'Desert Rock'. i will be using the free industry video editing package Lightworks... if you want to find up to 400 Sivablood recent artworks you can follow the trail of links starting at fractalfire.my-free.website! there are also tidbit new songs to be found on those pages too!

TH4/8/2016: working with a book from amazon.com called Discipline by Jacob Franco. it is a good way of harnessing willpower and discipline... Magickal willpower has always been sought by those practising the art of the occult and i have also started using the Goetia recently from the official Amazon.com textbook...

WE27/4/2016: lately I have been using Ginko Brahmi pills to improve my memory... over the years I have researched memory techniques from all over the place and also neuroscience and DNA textbooks and I am of the opinion that memory is a skill that varies from person to person in their DNA. Describing someone as schizophrenic is a bad excuse for ethereal and brain science things which describe ways people think... recently I have downloaded loads of computer games through Steam but my game playing ability over the years has gone downhill... the Might and Magic series is available on GOG.Com and I remember Might and Magic 5 on the SEGA Megadrive.

TU26/4/2016: during the recent period of musical experimentation 8 new 11 minute long ambient pieces were created using both the Casio XW-P1 and Korg Microarranger... a new Sivablood album will be released on CDBaby (which distributes to Itunes and internet radio) soon! I am in the process of using the open source project Krita to create the album artwork... I hope you will be eagerly anticipating this new release as it is my most spiritual and impressive ambient work to date. The work in progress title is “The Force Awakens”... if you think that is a rip off of Star Wars then you might want to know that I was watching the Itunes version of the new Star Wars film during the recording of the album but there are no direct musical references...

MO25/4/2016: had a dream I was in a cafe turned library turned store with some friends from art school when we see in the distance outside Igor Cavalera and Max Cavalera with shaved heads wearing red and looking dangerously at us like they are the biggest stars on the planet and dangerous with it too! Their gaze is like Medusa and we hide from it as Igor says “that cafe is so rubbish”. I have a dream page on my website but it is it a newer version than the old dreams which were written in little note pads. A lot of it goes back to the Art Of Dreaming by Carlos Casteneda and the other Casteneda books. I cannot believe whether that stuff is fantasy or reality though! I just got my first royalty check from CDBaby.com and I will be putting up more art sites soon...

SU24/4/2016: recorded six songs last night using the Casio XW-P1 and the Korg Microarranger. I recorded them straight into Audacity (an open source audio package) and mixed them into format for my Ipod. Strange as it sounds, I often listen to my own music, particularly my ambient pieces. Check out Bali on Itunes for some examples of what I mean. The whole of the Bali album was recorded on the Korg. Should I drink too much wine? I have a real taste for red wine now but ages ago I used to drink Sailor Jerry rum amongst other spirits under the trees out in New Norfolk. Illegal in Australia since the police once caught me drinking but I escaped by claiming a false identity!

SA23/4/2016: massive brainsmash triggering a hurt knee and colliding around the room so the nurse thought I was on drugs. Blowing the pressure fuse in my mind using mindfulness, and catching allure of the night. Urges to write more music keep coming to me, but my new Casio XW-P1 keyboard is so difficult to program, all I have used it for is the Hexlayer mode! Thinking of dabbling in the Tarot again... surely destiny is a very difficult thing, notice the quantum future paradox, if you told me I was to become rich and successful I would go along believing this and not do the work necessary to fully make it a reality!

FR22/4/2016: feeling old cravings of the Goetia what have I been dabbling in? I hope the séance won't last too long the air is kind of depressing maybe one day I will make it home. Archangels probably dominating the whole charade of dangerous willpower whilst onlookers only see two thrilled individuals and a bonfire of religious decadence. Don't ask for Satan anymore since hands were there to remove him. Slaying me would take a vampire too easily while songs harp out from my heart. Still I listen to Hells Pit and regret it but only the Buddha makes it all possible. Can't fix the keyboard no matter what. Private flat is a long way away...

the new Sivablood album Socrates is available for free on Youtube!

check out the new dreams page from this year...


Sivablood Zombies is a music video based on a comic horror song composed and sung by Sivablood who also created the electronic background. Video design Anjo Lafin.

Sivablood - Pitchforks in Paradise. Surreal video using musical excerpts from the 2013 Sivablood music album called Opus Darkanium. It tells a tale of dirty doings in the strange dream land of Paradise.

all rights reserved

Hello. My name is Andre Marc Lavoipierre and I am the author of Sivablood. Over the years Sivablood has grown to be a project of art, animation, music and dream diaries. The content related to Sivablood on the internet is only a portion of the many Sivablood creations since it started in the year 2000. As part of this biography I will say that I have lived in and visited many countries, also I have experimented in psychedelic drugs aswell. Infact the first drug I every tried was one night when my cousin from South Africa was living in London where I was based and invited me to a nightclub called the Velvet Room where the DJ was Boy George but the queue was so long I never got in! Instead the drug dealer was visiting us down the street and talking about these pills called “Mitsubishis” but I asked if he had any LSD and he said yes and how many did I want and I said one and I paid five pounds for a strong tab of acid... anyway I left on the train to go back home (which was Petts Wood, a district of Bromley) when the acid started taking off. Later in life I have experimented with the prescription drugs Procyclidine and Ophenedrine. Also I have used prozac and taken Marijuana. But my favourite drug I first heard about through Kerrang magazine featuring an article on Marilyn Manson and is the famous Absinthe, ordered through the internet in the UK but now since I am living in Tasmania absinthe is legal here (but not on the mainland of Australia). I also smoke tobacco ha ha. Anyway the first Sivablood song written was called Hold On and I was trying verse chorus verse arrangements then at the time and the next year I had a magickal possession experience where sleep deprivation and a horror movie (the Cell starring Jennifer Lopez) influenced a period with the Dragon Tarot card pack and a lot of the early Sivablood songs which can be found on Itunes in the Desert Rock album were written... the dream diary for a few years in England was in full swing and all written in neat manuscript books I still have but the current dream diary on www.sivablood.com was started in Corsica on holiday and followed me through about three years of English life. Then in Tasmania I had troubles doing the dream diary but the computer laptop offered more possibilities for doing the dream diary and the version you now see is digitally created. Speaking of digital art I used to be a computer games programmer and fell in love with the Ultima Origin series of games amongst many others. I dropped out of Kings College London to write computer games in 1997 just as the internet was really taking off, thinking of the great financial prospects of writing games full time over the internet. However this changed and I have been pursuing Sivablood for many years now. To write a song I use a workstation synthesizer to record the instrumentation (I even plugged a guitar into the Korg Triton sampling workstation to sample a riff!) and I had a small green box for digital effects which I put my microphone through. The whole lot went through a mixing board which was really a Yamaha 4 track tape deck and recorded to hard disk in GoldWave (www.goldwave.com). Then I would create an MP3 and a WAV file. Recently though I have abandonned GoldWave and use the open source project Audacity to mix together tracks. The keyboards I have owned have been a crappy small Casio keyboard in high school, then a flash Ensoniq SQ1 then a Korg Triton then a Korg Microarranger then a Casio XW-P1. I use the Hex Layers mostly with the new Casio XW-P1. My favourite bands are Marilyn Manson, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo and a few weird bands like Coil and Captain Beefheart (Kurt Cobain was alleged to have played Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart endlessly driving his neighbour in Seattle Slim Moon mad!). Then recently my cousin in Sydney Australia (whose name is Angela Lavoipierre) has gotten quite lucky in graduating from uni to work at Triple J radio doing newsreading and also some interviewing on TV. She is also into alternative music but I will not give too many personal details here ha ha. I have become quite a book loving person over the last several years and have read a vast number of fiction and non-fiction books, sometimes from the internet (you can get a lot from Google by searching for PDF books), sometimes second hand and sometimes from mystical shops or libraries. Hobart has several good book shops. Some of my latest reading has included university quality publications on DNA and neuroscience. Also I have read the entire Oxford Hebrew dictionary as part of my Kabbalah training (the art of Gematria) aswell as books on quantum physics and classical physics and mathematics. Applications of mathematics in computer art and pattern recognition have also been formative to the way I think. The Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes was maybe pushing things a bit too far though! Which reminds me, the subject of armaggedon never goes away from me. I seem horribly bound to the manifesto that the world will end. Whether or not I should open a bottle of wine to this is another thing altogether however! My parents Noel and Joan Lavoipierre are retired in Tasmania now but they worked as engineers (my father was a hydro-electrical powerstation engineer and my mother was a computer programmer at Citibank amongst other paces). I used to know a German artist and philosopher (I was interested in reading philosophy for several years) who lived In Gravesend in London but sadly he passed away from Alzheimers a short time ago. I communicated with him extensively via e-mail and although he wasn't enthused my music and thought I lacked skills at philosophy he did like me as an individual. His art was mostly done in gouache, mine has largely been done using the computer and using pencils or crayons. When I draw I rely on the right side of my brain a lot and come up with fairly psychedelic expressions (some of the latest of which can be found on the websites linked from this site). A lot of my music and art is fairly based on random ideas which flow from the subconcious. As part of internet SEO I have been using www.websitebuiler.com to create more Sivablood websites... these feature galleries of art aswell as original Sivablood music from different eras. As I type this I am in a phase of combining the Korg Microarranger with the Casio XW-P1 to write ambient 11 minute long pieces of orchestral sounding music. I like some of the scratchy noise effects of the Casio whilst the Korg can provide luscious pads. I never really fitted in with the art crowd in college but later turned into more of a serious artist (whatever that is!). Talking about countries I have visited they include America (San Fransisco), Corsica, Madeira, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy (Venice), Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Zimbabwe, England, Wales and Czechoslovakia. Three videos of INXS that were filmed in Czechoslovakia include New Sensation, Guns in the Sky and Never Tear Us Apart. I never saw INXS play but saw U2 at Wembley Stadium and Placebo at the Brixton Academy. I also used to frequent a small indie music venue called the Dublin Castle in London... many bands I saw there... ahem the End Nighclub run by Mr C of the Shamen I went to three times and the last two times I took narcotics... so to wind up this horribly boring biography I can assure any A&R people out there looking to sign a new act you have no idea what psychedelic concepts Sivablood is ready to let loose on the stage!